Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laundry Day

So last Saturday (I know I'm playing catch up) we wake up and the boys are arguing so I figure lets go to my mom & dad's and let them run and maybe put them to work. So we get there get them in painting clothes and they go outside and paint boards for the laundry room. My mom makes a smiley face on a spare big board and Ethan my oldest and Tyler my middle who is 7 ask to make the guy into Uncle Ben. Of course she says and they draw him with a hammer and glasses and just make him the coolest stick figure ever. They even get him to show him their fine art and everything is great. Until we turn our backs and Tyler finds a nice piece of plastic pipe and feels that it needs to be added as an extra limb now making the figure with a 3 dimensional attachment in....well you know where he added this thing! So they get banned from painting and we went home to do hair cuts and PJ's because of their outburst earlier in the day. I figure we are home well I'll wash sheets not biggie throw everything off my bed little did I know that would cause a crazy assumption made by none other than Ethan. Its about dinner time and my bf comes over to hang out and all of us play outside and bake cookies things that are considered "normal". ........until Ethan walks into my room see the sheets off and comes out and says "Mommy, did your bf come over and you two roll around in there and do the dirty?" all while flinging his arms in the motion where you pretend to be making out with yourself. Of course the honest answer is NO! Which now not only is this the second time he has met my kids it is now the second time we have had a random awkward situation!! Of course I laugh because I never saw that one coming then again I guess you never do either. I said ugh no considering I've been with you boys all day and where did you hear that from. Ethan then tries to say I taught him that! Throwing me under the bus...not cool especially since he for sure never learned that from me. The night goes on I tell him to think about where he heard that because we need to keep our communication more open and he is learning more than what I think he should for his age (maybe I'm wrong). Next morning over a delicious cinnamon roll breakfast I ask where he learned that from. I get "It's none of your business!". Seriously?!?!? None of my business of I swear. I know it's the playground because he isn't around anyone else that I can think of that would even be talking or be curious about that kinda stuff. What do I do ban him from the playground...tell him he isn't allowed to even look or think about a girl till he's 40. Oh boy he's the first of 3 and hopefully by the second time I get to the 9 year old age group I'll be much more equipped to handle this random questioning and have sharpened up my interrogation skills!!


So Fridays are family movie night and what better way to have that time spent watching movies you loved as a child yourself. So we watch Sandlot a movie the boys just love and I learned the cold hard truth why a nine year old truly loves that movie. It was a typical movie night and I just also happen to have my bf over to meet the kids so it was extra exciting. We sit down to a great movie with american's favorite past time and there goes Wendy Peffercorn walking across the screen. All the boys are in the make shift bed on the living room floor and my boyfriend looks at Ethan my 9 year old then at me at that very moment I witness the full hands UP the pants courtesy of shorts. Needless to say I was mortified so I did what any mother would do that has all boys. I called HANDS! That is of course is typically just used out in public when your son chooses to play with his tool entirely too long past just the adjustment point. So you call hands then they all raise their hands up and it's just a sneaky way to not bust them out directly. *Sigh* The rest of the movie went about as well as it could but once they start that its contagious I swear I don't get it. Maybe that's why I have all boys to get the full effect of their thoughts to everything and boy oh boy do I ever!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My life with the frat pack

So this is my first blog we shall see how it goes. I'm a single mom with three amazing boys. Here is going to be the start of the many stories of things they do and say. THey say boys are easier than girls to raise...that may be true. All I know is I'll never understand the thought process of my frat pack. They are ages 9, 7 and 5. They keep me on my toes that's for sure. They are so unpredictable and at an instant can completely show you the side every little boy has thought about or acted on and I'm left in utter shock. They have the sweetest most innocent sides where they make my heart just melt then boys will be boys and if it's not wrestling or showing off for all the adult females at the pool...let's just say their isn't a dull moment. I figure this blog will most importantly be honest and real about what little boys really do. How you can be so proud one moment and then in 2 seconds it's like what mommy who? as they make an observation that is best left unsaid. If you ever have a story yourself on the craziest things your kids have done please share as well. I'm experiencing the out of toddler stages and into total little boys and girls just might not have as many cooties as they thought stage. I have a million things to say already but will end here just as a set up what to expect. My intent is to never offend but just simple tell you about my days with The Frat Pack. Night all!!!