Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My life with the frat pack

So this is my first blog we shall see how it goes. I'm a single mom with three amazing boys. Here is going to be the start of the many stories of things they do and say. THey say boys are easier than girls to raise...that may be true. All I know is I'll never understand the thought process of my frat pack. They are ages 9, 7 and 5. They keep me on my toes that's for sure. They are so unpredictable and at an instant can completely show you the side every little boy has thought about or acted on and I'm left in utter shock. They have the sweetest most innocent sides where they make my heart just melt then boys will be boys and if it's not wrestling or showing off for all the adult females at the pool...let's just say their isn't a dull moment. I figure this blog will most importantly be honest and real about what little boys really do. How you can be so proud one moment and then in 2 seconds it's like what mommy who? as they make an observation that is best left unsaid. If you ever have a story yourself on the craziest things your kids have done please share as well. I'm experiencing the out of toddler stages and into total little boys and girls just might not have as many cooties as they thought stage. I have a million things to say already but will end here just as a set up what to expect. My intent is to never offend but just simple tell you about my days with The Frat Pack. Night all!!!

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