Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Perspective

You always hear that saying "Practice what you preach." Well I find that with parenting there is an easy loop hole for that. It's the saying heard for ages it's...wait for it...... "Because I said so!"  Guilty as charged here as I look at the years I've used that saying for so many things. Mommy why do you get to play on your phone all the time and we can't play DS?  To that you always use the trusty go to response bc it's easier to validate your own guilty pleasures. When you stop and think what are we really teaching our children? "Do as I say and not as I do."  How can we expect our children to be better than us and have such high goals for themselves when we use so many excuses ourselves. Today I've decided to start getting rid of my evil...... Facebook. I sat down for a family meeting today and decided to start the "Practice what you preach" rule to everything in this house and not just what I pick and choose. Aussie sat down at the family meeting today and said we just need less TV, video games and more love and board game time to bring us together. He couldn't be more right. It broke my heart to realize how much harder it is on kids with things that make our adult lives easier most days like technology. They don't care about easy they care about stopping the fast pace world we live in and just smiling not through a photo but face to face. I find that as a parent I try to teach them as much as possible but somedays I find that they teach me more. I love my Frat Pack and can't wait for our new adventures!!!!
The Frat Pack after the Family Meeting